I am me

In the beginning I thought to myself would people want to know what I think? Why would they care what a complete stranger's thoughts and beliefs are? Truth is, the truth sticks better from the stranger than a family member.

The whole basis behind this blog was a book I saw my sister reading, I didn’t catch the title because she hid it before I could get a glimpse. Like all teenagers when asked anything she mumbled ‘nothing’ and walked out the room. The book (which is mine!) was called ‘Does my head look big in this’ by Randah Abdul Fattah.

Believe me when I say my sister never reads ANYTHING unless its something about Brad and Angelina’s new adopted kid or who Jude law has got up the duff next!

I realised there that she was intrigued by a Muslim teen book that she could possibly relate to, so what about the teens out there? On all library shelves there are books stacked with ‘lost love’ and ‘teen romance’ but what about the Muslim girl with an addiction? Or ‘boy’problems?

I am not here to help with your love life, I am here to tell you the REALITY of the situation. There are few short cuts to get through the trials of life, so why are you making it harder for yourself?
I have been there and have the T shirt(s), and as much as we fight over clothes and who took who who’s lip-gloss, my sister knows I will protect and advise her the best I can (without having to get the parents involved!)

Time is something that is not always on my side unfortunately, and with the demands of everyday life I shall try to blog something or other at least once a month for my fellow sisters who sometimes just need a kick up the back side towards the straight and narrow sometimes:)!